IMPACT of COVID on Reimagining Education

Episode Summary

Does COVID distance education give us an opportunity to rethink how we approach schooling to begin with? And CCSD is claiming kids need to go back to school buildings because of rising suicide rates. But student suicides are on par with the average. And there are other factors that might be causing mental health issues.

Episode Notes

As a follow-up to Carrie Kafuman's column in the Nevada Current, Dana Gentry wrote a piece exploring the suicide numbers in Nevada.  Alas, 14 students have died by suicide this year. That's four more than last year. But six less than 2018, when CCSD lost 20 students to suicide. We talk with Dana and Mike Kagan, a Boyd Law professor who wrote about the issues CCSD wasn't taking into consideration by arguing that getting kids back in buildings would improve their mental health.

We also talk to Jenne Haynal, principal of William Snyder Elementary School, about how her teachers have adapted to online schooling, and how many of their students are thriving. And Jana Lavin, executive director of Opportunity 180 shares with us other ways kids can learn rather than sitting in a classroom all day.

And Rebecca Colbert opens the show talking Carrie off the COVID numbers ledge.